ICE® 50 Year Community Give Back Event - ICE® Capital Branch

ICE® 50 Year Community Give Back Event - ICE® Capital Branch

On the morning of Saturday, March 16, 2024 the International Construction Equipment, Inc. (ICE®) Capital Branch team members met up just outside of the Baltimore County Bureau of Highways Facility with gloves and garbage bags in hand, ready to give back to their community. They spent 2 hours together laughing, talking and cleaning up the area. The sun was shining and the temps rose through the fifties, making it excellent working weather.

According to the team, there were plenty of the expected items including beer cans and bottles (lots of Bud Light), fast food cups and wrappers, water bottles, coffee cups and cardboard boxes. Surprisingly, there were plenty of chocolate milk bottles, too. Some of the other items that they found and removed included a tire, a car bumper, a bicycle tire on rim, some terracotta drain pipe, a large plastic tote, a trash can, an empty bucket , a bucket filled with cement, a hose reel, two jackets, a shirt, and an old soccer ball. All in all, the team filled about 10 bags full of garbage!

After the clean-up, a delicious pulled pork lunch was served -smoked overnight by ICE® Capital Drilling Branch Manager, Scott Bruce, and our spectacular Capital Branch Administrator, Jill, provided a scrumptious potato salad, pasta salad, coleslaw and cookies. As the crew was finishing up for the day, one of the area neighbors came out and thanked them all profusely for their hard work.

ICE® is extremely proud of our team members for setting up this local community clean-up and giving back to their area! Way to go, ICE® Capital Branch, you did a terrific job!

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