ICE® 50B Drives the Dam Piles

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Frequent and continu
al repairs keep Dams operating at peak performance but there are some unexpected replacements that pose a tricky situationThe Keystone Diversion Dam in Ogallala, Nebraska has encountered just that, an unexpected gate replacementThis replacement is necessary to maintain all functionality, keeping in mind, this is a beast of a project when so much water is involved.

The Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) turned to OCCI
, Inc. to deploy a solution which involves the installation of a temporary cofferdam to displace the water away from the faulty gateThe cofferdam will allow this area to be emptied and dried for the gate replacement to commence

enlisted ICE® team to provide pile driving foundation equipment to be used in the install of the cofferdam. The ICE® 50B Pile Driver/Extractor was able to drive the sheeting piles in the water to form a marine foundation barrier without disruption to the dam structure and efficiently allowing for portions of the job to move ahead of scheduleThe driving power of the ICE® 50B makes for smooth and effortless installation of a range of pile types in both land and marine applicationsThis powerful vibratory driver is the industry standard when it comes to pile driving capabilities.

The completion of these intensive repairs will restore the dam to its greatest purpose while allowing the Ogallala Lake to return to normal levelsLocal fishing, hunters, and boating advocates alike are enthusiastic about the return to Ogallala Lake. 

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