ICE® 50B Protects the Environment

ICE® 50B Protects the Environment   
Cofferdam at Casco Bay
Editor: Allison Braswell 

Over 80% of lobsters sold in the USA come from the adjacent waters of Maine. The state's lobster harvesters bring in more than 100 million pounds (about 45359200 kg) of lobster per year, mostly at Casco Bay--an inlet busy with commercial fishing vessels, cargo ships, and cruise liners. North of the bay is Back Cove, where there is a loop trail offering grand views of the city skyline and areas ideal for hiking and cycling. 

However, the vibrant, historical town of Portland, ME is currently facing a smelly challenge. During heavy rainfall, water overpopulates their sewage solutions and the overflow drains into Casco Bay. This can cause residents and tourists to contract diseases from consuming these lobsters plus it is harmful to all marine life contaminated by the overflow. A solution was needed to prevent combined sewage overflow (CSO) from entering local waterways and estuaries like Back Cove. 

To combat this public health hazard, the City of Portland is installing a series of four underground tanks that will store 3.5 million gallons (about 13248935 L) of CSO. H.B. Fleming was requested to build a cofferdam that would create a clean, dry workspace, and support the excavation for the new tanks. This was accomplished by successfully driving steel sheet piling spliced to 100' (feet) length with the ICE® 50B Vibratory Hammer. Additionally, the contractor wisely chose to utilize the ICE® 55-ton Dampening solution to help isolate vibrations away from the crane. 

The project will eliminate over 40% of all the CSO that is currently being discharged in the city of Portland, ME and is found to go into local waterways. Please note the importance of this project as it resolves over 25% of the entire state's discharge. Outstanding work!  
We look forward to helping with the remaining projects to stop overflows. International Construction Equipment (ICE®) is proud to supply H.B. Fleming with the vibratory equipment needed to keep Portland's people healthy, marine life thriving, and its economy prospering. 

Learn more about the ICE® 50B and ICE® dampening solutions. 

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