ICE® 50B is Worth Its Salt

Editor: Debbie Reaney

Just offshore of Cleveland, Ohio, over 1,800 ft below Lake Erie, lies an incredible feat of engineering.  The Cargill's Salt Mines are 12 square miles of tunnels which provide 4 million tons of rock salt during the winter months.  Ohio is the 5th largest producer of rock salt in the country, with the Cleveland mine producing the most in the state.

Once the salt is mined from below the lake, it is brought up to factories where it is processed on conveyer belts.  After the processing is complete it is shipped out via the docks that are attached to the Cargill Operation.  Some of these docks are in disrepair.  That is where Great Lakes Construction was able to step in to offer some pile driving expertise. 

Great Lakes Construction was met with a hard deadline to install temporary 13 24" diameter by 70' long fender piles at the dock prior to the first ship of the season arriving.

Understanding that the correct equipment would be essential in keeping to a tight schedule, Great Lakes looked to the experts at ICE®.  ICE® was able to provide a 50B Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor.  Purchasing the pile driver with a sheeting clamp, Great Lakes quickly realized they would need a beam and clamps to be able to properly install the pipe piles for the fender piles.  The ICE® team was able to quickly deliver the necessary beam and clamps.

The tenured relationship between ICE® and Great Lakes Construction allowed both companies to deliver on promises to their respective clientele.   

Congratulations to Great Lakes Construction, on the purchase of the ICE® 50B Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor! 

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