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MODOT I-70 Rocheport Bridge Replacement 
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"The Rocheport Bridge is a Continuous two-span subdivided Warren through truss bridge over Missouri River and the Katy trail on Interstate70 (I-70), west of Columbia and south of Rocheport in Boone and Cooper County, Missouri. The I-70 Rocheport Bridge is a 3,018-foot bridge constructed in 1960 and underwent extensive rehabilitation in 1993". According to the website.

When you read about the great state of Missouri, you learn very quickly that their roads and bridges maintained by the state of MO are truly center stage to the US (United States) freight movements.  This state serves as a connector holding the logistics of our nation together. "Interstate 70 is at the heart of Missouri's freight transportation system and typifies this national and regional connector role. The Rocheport Bridge provides access and alleviates the barrier created on I-70 by the Missouri River, allowing freight to move efficiently within and through the state..." to read more on this please visit

From reviewing the MoDOT (Department of Transportation) website, we learn that this bridge carries a combined total of 42,000 plus vehicles daily and the estimated value of freight is about $100 billion (about $310 per person in the United States). Missouri, past, present and, as forecast, the future, will be a Freight Connector State.

So, when we say I-70 Rocheport Bridge is getting a replacement, it is no surprise. This billion-dollar economic producing bridge is getting a $240 million replacement. The new bridges will safely accommodate more than 12 million vehicles annually on two separate structures. The current bridge is in poor age-related structural condition which may result in weight limitations in coming years. Due to the crucial impact this bridge has on the economics of the USA, the replacement will come in the form of two separate bridges, each with 3 lanes of traffic. This plan will enable minimal disruption to current travelers, keeping us trucking.

Lunda was awarded the contract to replace the new I-70 Rocheport Bridge Replacement over the Missouri River by the Missouri Department of Transportation to drive the piles needed for such a massive new structure. The Lunda team reached out to us at ICE® to provide unique solutions and equipment for this monumental job. Large diameter caisson piles are being placed for the foundations of the bridge. The ICE® 110 Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor with a specialized quad beam was installed to allow for four caisson clamps to grab the larger, heavier pipe piles. The additional clamping force assisted with prompt and easier mobility of the pipe piles.

The expert team at Lunda knows you need different hammers for different soils. The ICE® Team is flattered to be able to provide such versatile equipment for different applications during the project. While installing major caissons with the 110 was applicable in one area.  The smaller diameter caissons and sheets needed the versatile ICE® 50B Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractors. It is always refreshing to work with a team that really understands what they are driving and what they are driving into. Thank you to Lunda for giving us this opportunity to work with your outstanding team of experts. 
It is projected that the new Missouri River Bridges will be set to last for at least 100 years. A special thank you to Lunda for being a part of the new Rocheport Bridge so that interstate motorists will be able to travel safely over the Missouri River. Thank you! 

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