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Hurricane Ida Damage was Catastrophic

Editor: Ashley Steele

Hurricane Ida caused a record 
$66 billion (about $200 per person in the USA) worth of damage to the northeast of the United StatesIt was the second most damaging hurricane to make landfall in the USA, just behind the damage caused to the gulf by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. To this day, portions of the Northeast are still working to recover from Ida's trail of destruction from the devastating flooding and tornadic activitySmall town USA, as we know it, was hit the hardest.

Mamaroneck, NY is one of those small towns working t
irelessly to repair the transportation infrastructure to pre-hurricane greatness. One focus of their repairs was what you would think to be "just a small bridge."  As it turns out this small bridge was the main artery for most emergency vehicles and became a major focus exceedingly early after the storm had passed.

American Pile & Foundation is working 
tirelessly to replace this special residential bridge with the help of ICE®'s vast rental fleet. The large-bore rig, Comacchio CH450, is a self-erecting drill rig that can be transported effortlessly with the necessary accessories, like the ICE® Kelly bar, pre-mounted. Once off the truck, the Comacchio CH450 is ready to instantly go to workcreating time savings. As we know, time savings is always a direct impact on your bottom-line, as time is money. 

Comacchio CH 450 was used to start a foundation for a new bridge by drilling out the 16" caisson driven piles. Once again showing how driven and drilled piling techniques work hand in hand to improve infrastructure. 

Allowing for quick set-up, easy drill out of caissons to install of piles, the Comacchio CH450, large bore rig is a tool that can be set-up and specialize for every application. Contact the foundation experts at ICE® to configure your existing rig or rent an additional rig today. 

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