ICE® Eases Atlantic Traffic

ICE® Eases Atlantic Traffic
Delaware River Dock
Editor: Allison Braswell 

80 percent of global goods are now transported by sea--and a third of those shipments are oil. Why does this matter? 

Electronic commerce has caused the volume of ocean shipping to rise, but the number of seaports hasn't. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses closed their brick-and-mortar locations. Shipments at docks were abandoned as a result, leaving exporters with fewer shipping containers to use. Furthermore, as we navigate the tail end of the pandemic, demand for commodities such as crude oil is nearing pre-pandemic levels. This can be a big bottleneck for companies like PBF Energy, one of the largest independent petroleum suppliers in the U.S. 

PBF Energy sells a variety of petroleum-based products including gasoline, heating oil, kerosene, and aviation jet fuel. The company utilizes marine vessels, pipelines, trucks, and rail to link its refineries with suppliers and customers. To address recent freight port congestion, PBF is constructing a dock on Delaware River near its terminal in Paulsboro, NJ, designed for unloading bulk liquids & petroleum products. Upon completion, this project may help reduce wait time for shipping containers as well as costs for importers and exporters. 

Commerce Construction has worked on almost every facility on the Delaware River, so they knew just the equipment this project would need. Using their own ICE® 28D Vibratory Hammer, Commerce is driving 12" (in) plumb and battered pipe piles that will support the dock. They purchased an ICE® 99 Dunce Clamp to add onto their hammer, allowing for better clamping pressure when lifting and driving pipe piles smaller than 18" (in) in diameter. The rounded jaw system of this clamp makes driving small pile a seamless process. 

Congratulations to Commerce on their newly owned ICE® vibratory hammer and clamp set! International Construction Equipment, Inc looks forward to servicing and maintaining their machinery as they work to "seas" port congestion. 

Learn more about ICE®'s selection of clamps and clamping systems and the ICE® 28D


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