ICE and Easy Does It

ICE and Easy Does It
Contractor Constructs Dock on Frozen Lake
Editor: Allison Braswell 

A little ice doesn't snow down Price Marine Construction, who was hired to build a dock on the recently frozen Upper Prior Lake in Prior Lake, MN. After 2 or 3 weeks of freezing temperatures, a solid sheet of ice will begin to form on a lake. How safe it is to walk on a frozen lake is determined by the thickness of the ice. If the ice is less than four inches thick, then it is susceptible to breakage and therefore not safe to stand on. Ice at four-inch thickness can usually support 200 pounds, suitable for fishing or skiing. Five inches is enough to hold 800 pounds or a snowmobile, a small car at eight inches, and a medium-sized truck at 12 inches or more. A rule of thumb is that clear ice is twice as strong as white ice, and you should never attempt to walk on ice that has cracks or holes. Wait to venture out onto a frozen lake until the weather stabilizes after several weeks. 

With safety in mind, the professionals at Prince approached this formidable task by first drilling 18" (in)-diameter holes through the ice layer. Once this was completed, the team brought out an ICE® Model 2 Vibratory Driver to drive pipe piles of 6-8" (in) diameter and 20-30' (ft) length in the holes that will support the new dock. This compact machine provides maximum pile amplitude and has remote capabilities which aided in maintaining a safe work environment for PMC's team while driving on the ice. Prince Marine was especially pleased that each piling took only 1-2 minutes to fully install into the lake floor, helping the crew stay on schedule and the contractor keep labor costs down. 

As the contractor has succeeded with the ICE® Model 2 on previous projects, they knew this lightweight hammer was a reliable option for pile driving through a challenging, icy surface. Now as summertime is in full swing, families can enjoy the brand-new dock during their fishing and skiing adventures out on Upper Prior Lake. Thank you to Price Marine Construction for your continued business with International Construction Equipment, Inc. and for allowing us to provide you with the most efficient and safest pile driving solutions for your projects. 

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