ICE® Installs New Drainage Facility Foundation

The ICE® Model 14D can move between three different pile types effectively and efficiently 
Editor: Ashley Steele 

La Quinta Island, just off the coast of Corpus Christi, Texas is getting a new water drainage control solution. DFI Houston Piling & Hydrovac (aka DFI) was awarded the contract to install pilings for a waterway and a drainage control structure. The job needed equipment that could easily drive three different pile types: H-pile, Double Sheet and Vinyl Pile. DFI knew their next step was to call on the foundation piling experts at ICE® to determine the perfect equipment for this unique project.  

DFI choose the ICE® 14D Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor. This versatile pile driver was able to switch between the H-pile, Double Sheet and Vinyl Pile types quickly and efficiently for seamless installation. DFI was fascinated by the speed and accuracy this small but extremely mighty hammer proved to be. Even further excitement that there was extraordinarily little to no vibration back to the cab from such a powerful vibratory solution.  

The Army Corps of Engineers are involved in this project and will be there to oversee the completion which is set to finish in 2022. This new water drainage facility will aid in keeping the environment and surrounding neighborhoods flood free and in turn safer. 

ICE® offers the largest rental fleet in the United States with a wide range of silent piling hammers varying in moment from small to fiercely large. Whatever your unique job entails, be sure to reach out to the professionals at ICE® so you can procure the best fit hammer for your job. 

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