ICE® Versus Deicing Salts: The Only ICE® You Want on the Road!

ICE® Versus Deicing Salts
The Only ICE® You Want on the Road!
Bridge L-04 Replacement

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The rapid deterioration of America's bridges is a widely recognized problem, and chloride-induced corrosion is to blame. Chlorides are derived primarily from the application of roadway deicing salts. Sodium chloride (common table salt) is the most popular type of road salt, while calcium chloride and magnesium chloride are common alternatives. The chloride ion present in all road salts contributes to the corrosion of concrete and steel. Sodium chloride penetrates concrete more easily, whereas calcium and magnesium chloride corrode vehicle parts more rapidly. 

Every winter more than half a billion pounds (500 million pounds) of salt are spread on New Jersey highways. Concrete spalling has reduced riding quality and structural integrity of most bridges in Sussex County, NJ, which received $1.6 million from New Jersey's Transportation Trust Fund to help pay for bridge work throughout the county. A contract for the replacement of Bridge L‐04, which carries traffic over the Paulins Kill tributary in Lafayette, NJ, was awarded to Sparwick Contracting. The experts recommended the ICE® 14D Vibratory Hammer for driving 25' (ft) sheets. By adopting sheet piling for abutments, construction timing improved thus minimizing traffic disruption. Furthermore, the microscopic layer of chromium oxide on stainless steel sheets provides corrosion protection, expanding the life span of the bridge. The Sparwick team also rented an ICE® I-12V2 Diesel Impact Hammer with 26" (in) lead setups to install 14" (in) pipe piles. Most available pipe pile provide options like sacrificial steel and coatings that are anti-corrosive to assist in protecting the structure from the effects of water and humidity in marine areas like Paulins Kill.  

This is one of the many infrastructure projects in Sussex County that will improve not only the quality of life for residents, but the whole transportation system of New Jersey. International Construction Equipment, Inc is grateful for Sparwick's investment in its reliable deep foundations equipment that enabled the crews to remain versatile and productive on this project. Thank you Sparwick for trusting the experienced service professionals at ICE® who are committed to helping their clients be more competitive in today's market. 

Learn more about the ICE® 14D and the ICE® I-12V2, and our selection of pile driving leads


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