Illinois Largest Infrastructure Project

Mega McCluggage Bridge built with ICE® Vibratory

McCluggage Bridge 
in East Peoria has been under construction since 2019 and is one of Illinois largest infrastructure projects. The $167 million project will reconstruct the original bridge built during World War II and is currently servicing over 20,000 vehicles a day. The structure will bring the East Peoria community a new modern bridge that focuses on the improvement of safety and easier mobility. With over 40 million pounds of steel to install, this monumental project requires multi-faceted equipment with many different driving capabilities. 

121,000 cubic yards of earth excavation is necessary to rebuild the original steel cantilever bridge. The 
Johnson Brothers Corporation has been asked to oversee this mega project as they have the technical expertise and years of deep foundation experience which will prove valuable for this high-profile renovation. The temporary bridge for commuters during construction has finished and progress is moving forward on the new bridge. The excitement around this new structure's sheer size is exciting as it will use over 40 million pounds of steel with a deck nearly double the original bridge. 

A project of this 
magnitude requires multiple distinct levels of force and special customization, which is something ICE
® prides itself on providingThe Johnson Bros. implemented the use of the ICE® Model 44D & 50B Vibratory Drivers/Extractors for driving large caissons into the river for the temporary bridgeIn addition, ICE® customized the Johnson Bros. owned ICE® Power Unit with adjustable flow control system to enable the use of a custom clean-out solution to excavate the oversized coffer dams. 

is an extremely extensive project that requires maximum power and mobilityICE
® is thankful to be able to assist with the right equipment for every task. This job has used an ICE® Model 50C Vibratory Driver and Extractor, (2) ICE® Model 50B Vibratory Driver and Extractor, ICE® Model 44 Vibratory Driver and Extractor, ICE® Model I-46 Diesel hammer, and an ICE® I-80 Diesel hammer. 

The outstanding innovation of the Johnson Bros. team has made this highly sought-after project successful. And the ICE® equipment has helped facilitate some of this success in a world where nothing is easy. Hats off to Johnson Bros and their successful completion of phase one. 


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