Installing Earthquake Drains

Editor:  Ashley Steele 

The Clements Ferry Road Phase 2 widening project is designed to help create a safer and more efficient roadway in Charleston, South Carolina.  The project will widen the highway from 2 to 4 lanes with a multi-use path and a planted interior median.  The $44 Million dollar project will assist over 14,000 commuters a day who use this route. 

Before any of the road or bridge work can be completed, the foundation work must be laid, including earthquake drains.  These earthquake drains will mitigate damage in the event of an earthquake, and aid in stopping liquefaction.  US Wick is the contractor installing these drains to keep the community safe.  

US Wick is utilizing an ICEĀ® 8E Excavator Mounted Hammer with a 2 Meter extension to place the 20' piles.  These driven piles will act as stabilizers throughout any seismic activity, so the roads and median don't collapse into the ground.  This is an important step in the second phase of the project, and getting it done in a time efficient manner is important to stay on track for a 2024 completion date. 

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