Driving Pipe from an Overpass

Installing Pipe Piles on a Route 22 Overpass Using an I-30 Diesel Pile Hammer

Editor Alix Bemis

American Pile & Foundation is using an ICE® Model I-30 Single-Acting Diesel Pile Hammer to drive 30" pipe piles in Hillside, NJ for a Route 22 overpass project. The crews worked amidst a very tight working area with traffic all-around. They were able to successfully drive 15 pipe piles on each side of the roadway using an ICE® diesel pile hammer. 

The Bloy Street Bridge over Route 22 project consists of four stages and will replace the overpass, which is in poor condition, and improve the turning movements on the Route 22 eastbound and westbound ramps to and from Bloy Street. The new bridge will meet current design and safety standards and improve the vertical under clearance over Route 22. The project also will widen the Route 22 eastbound and westbound lanes to and from Bloy Street, as well as provide sidewalks and improve curb ramps to meet ADA standards. It is expected to be completed in the summer of 2023. 

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