Introducing The ICE® Duplex Clamp Plate

Introducing The ICE® Duplex Clamp Plate
Camp Lejeune Cofferdam 

Editor: Allison Braswell

One of the few swing bridges left in North Carolina is being replaced. In 2018, the Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Lejeune area took a hit during Hurricane Florence, the wettest tropical cyclone on record in the Carolinas. The 67-year-old swing bridge that carries boat traffic in the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway at Camp Lejeune had suffered damage caused by the storm, putting the safety of mariners and training exercise participants at risk, and thus requiring a complete overhaul. The single-leaf bascule bridge taking its place in Fall 2024 will be designed to ensure that American Soldiers and base employees have optimal spaces to live, work, and train. 

Archer Western Construction was awarded the contract to build a cofferdam for crews replacing the bridge. They are driving ZZ38-700 sheet piles at 50' (ft) lengths with the help from their own ICE® 66C Vibratory Hammer and an all-new ICE® Duplex Clamp Plate that they rented for this project. After about three years in the making, it is the first time that this clamp plate has been put to use for a client. Designed specifically for wide sheets, the ICE® Duplex Clamp Plate improves the hammer's energy traveling to the tip of the sheets while minimizing the deflection at the interlocks. It spreads the clamp contact area out over the sheeting pairs more evenly, cutting down on heat transfer between the hammer and sheets themselves. The heat transfer is what causes sheets to weaken and break, so using two clamps to distribute it over both sheets is a safer and faster way for Archer Western to drive this larger pile. The contractor said that the double jaws of the clamp plate allowed for efficient handling and superior geometry control.

International Construction Equipment, Inc is thrilled to see the duplex clamp plate in action after years of research and testing. Congratulations to Archer Western on being the first user of this product and thank you for choosing ICE®'s deep foundations equipment for your project! 

Learn more about the ICE® 66C.

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