Keeping the Ohio River Open for Commerce

The ICE® 50B helps to install stronger dolphins for barges! 
Editor: Ashley Steele 

Barge foundation structures throughout the Midwestern rivers are decaying.  Known as a dolphin, in the marine construction world, these are man-made structures that are not connected to any other support formation.  They are loaded with barges which carry goods, allowing for ease of access by ships to efficiently load and move cargo down the river.   

The Ohio River has received upgraded dolphins within the last year thanks to the efforts of The Foertsch Group and ICE®.  Due to clay type soils in the river, a little extra weight was needed when it came time to drive the steel piles.  ICE® recommended the use of a set of bias weights with the ICE® 50B Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor to increase the driving force to push through the elastic clays.  This innovative solution allowed The Foertsch Group to effortlessly install these new structures. 

The Foertsch Group is working diligently to replace these dilapidated marine structures with stronger proven driven pile dolphins.  The Foertsch Group says that when it comes to driving in the Ohio River clay, the ICE® 50B is the only way to go!  Thank you to the Foertsch Group for putting our equipment in such talented marine driving crew's care! 

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