Largest Industrial Project in Arkansas History

Largest Industrial Project in Arkansas History
ICE® Equipment Takes on Mega Mill
Editor: Allison Braswell

When the $1.3 billion (about $4 per person in the US) Big River Steel "Flex Mill" opened in Osceola, AR in 2017, it was the newest and most advanced flat rolled mill in North America. That was before United States Steel (U.S. Steel) acquired Big River Steel, which paved the way for a revolutionary breakthrough in the steel industry. 

In early 2022, U.S. Steel broke ground on the company's next-generation, highly sustainable, and technologically advanced steel mill. The $3 billion (about $9 per person in the US) addition will make steel for automobiles, appliances, and construction projects. This facility will be adjacent to Big River Steel and will together be known as Big River Steel Works. Once completed, this merger will form a 6.3-million-ton mega mill capable of providing some of the best-quality steels in the nation. It is the most advanced steel mill in North America and the largest industrial project in the history of Arkansas. Project completion and full operation is anticipated by 2024. 

Currently, Berkel & Company Contractors who was awarded this once in a lifetime project, is driving 60' (ft) lengths of SKZ-34 and JZ-127 sheet piling for the facility's foundation. They are utilizing an ICE® 66C Vibratory Hammer to begin the driving process by loosening the soil surrounding the sheets so that they penetrate the tough rocky ground more smoothly, and then following up with an ICE® D-30 Diesel Impact Hammer to finish driving the sheets to grade. Much to their delight, combining the power of both hammers has increased production rates for the hardworking Berkel team, helping them stay on track and within budget. 

American-made steel is essential to U.S. manufacturing as it supports the livelihoods of nearly 2 million Americans, is carbon efficient to manufacture, and is known for its higher quality compared to global producers. International Construction Equipment, Inc. is honored to partner with Berkel and have a hand in producing a material that is the most recycled on our planet and essential to everyday life. ICE® is excited for the state of Arkansas as they experience the economic impacts from this steel mill of the future! 

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