Luck of the Irish on I-95

Silent Vibratory foundation installs for new directional signage
I-95 is
one of North America's most dangerous highways.  Even with measures taken in Fort Lauderdale to ease some of the dangers, it is a tough place to be a contractor. Conti Corporations has an outstanding safety record. They know the best way to overcome roadway and environmental dangers is with added safety measures. This professional contractor has been hired to install new directional road signage alongside the treacherous I-95. Against weather conditions and traffic patterns, construction faced multiple challenges that demanded precise and prompt execution. Conti Corporation had to take all elements into consideration, while making calculated and safe decisions with equipment that guaranteed results. 
Conti Corporation chose the ICE
® 25ZV Zero Resonance Vibratory Hammer for its accuracy to strategically drive pipe piles in constrained roadside areas. The ICE® 25ZV with a driving force of 156 tons, drove 15'x 78" pipe piles in marked areas for the foundations of the new directional signage. In certain areas, the ICE® 25ZV was working within 3 inches of combi-walls and preexisting structures during construction. The partnership between top trained Conti operators and the innovative USA technology of the ICE® 25ZV proved the perfect match, leaving all existing structures undisturbed. We are proud to be a part of Conti's successful installation of the directional signage throughout I-95, as it aims to guide drivers to their destinations safely. Saving lives one step at a time! 
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