MC 22A Rescues Weak Dam

MC 22A Rescues Weak Dam 

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The number of deficient and potentially dangerous dams in America is on the rise. Lower design criteria of older dams, long-deferred maintenance, and increased rainfall brought on by climate change pose a threat to human life if a dam were to breach from too much stress on its structure. Over in Happy Valley, PA, home to the Penn State Nittany Lions, the Rockview Reservoir dam is one of the most high-hazard dams in Centre County. Thankfully, Pittsburgh-based leader in geotechnical construction, Nicholson Construction, has stepped up to the plate to help keep this concrete dam standing strong. 

The modification project of the Rockview Reservoir dam involves concrete surface repair on the upstream and downstream sides and the spillway. Recently, Nicholson's crew has been working on the downstream side, drilling tieback anchors with the highly adaptable Comacchio MC 22A Drill Rig to reinforce the structure and increase its safety factor for times of high-water levels in the reservoir. Nicholson has always admired the accuracy that the MC 22A maintains when they articulate the mast to the drill body to the ideal degree, while simultaneously being able to keep the batter at its own perfect angle. Other improvements on the job include removal of accumulated sediment in pool areas, replacement of outlet valves and trash racks, and rehabilitation of the valve house. Outlet valves allow dams to operate methodically by releasing water at specific rates and times to avoid disturbing fish and habitats. Trash racks, typically made of wood or metal, are designed to shield collected stormwater from submerged and floating debris that could enter the spillways.

Now that the Rockview Reservoir dam is getting upgraded features, it can safely collect and store more water and continue to supply for household consumption, irrigation, agriculture, and industrial use without fear of failure. International Construction Equipment, Inc (ICE®) is a proud distributor of Comacchio drilling solutions that help contractors like Nicholson Construction meet their project goals and protect the nation's water supply infrastructure. Way to go, Nicholson! This job was a home run!

Learn more about the Comacchio MC 22A and other fully articulated multipurpose rigs of the Comacchio fleet.

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