Mountain Ridges & Temporary Bridges

Mountain Ridges & Temporary Bridges
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What better place to enjoy nature while working in construction than at Glacier National Park, MT--where the Battle Ridge Construction team took in breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains as they used an ICE® 28B Vibratory Hammer to pull four 16" (in) steel piles of around 20' (ft) long from a temporary bridge as part of the park's rehabilitation work on 13 bridges.

The park's bridge improvements include timber pile and curb replacement, concrete repair, erosion control measures and more, requiring alternative site access for tourists for the duration of the project. Temporary bridges are a popular option for diverting traffic flow during construction on permanent bridges, both with vehicles and pedestrians. They can be installed adjacent to the existing bridge, which allows for convenient rerouting with no disruptions. When the new bridge is completed, the temporary bridge is removed and even sometimes reused on another job. However, it is important to keep in mind that these bridges are designed to be temporary ways of transportation for a reason. They are not suited for nearly the same amount of traffic use as permanent bridges, so frequent examinations are necessary to ensure that the bridge is able to support the weight of daily traffic, which can slow down progress with your project. In this case, the ICE® 28B succeeded at quickly extracting the pile to remove the temporary bridge, accelerating the pace of the improvement efforts at Glacier National Park. 

The $8.9 million-worth of bridge reconstruction will last through May 2023--Just in time for the peak season when 3 million people are expected to visit the park to enjoy activities like horseback riding, hiking trails, and boat tours. International Construction Equipment, Inc appreciates Battle Ridge Construction for the opportunity to help enhance tourists' experience as they soak up Montana's wildflower-filled meadows, sparkling lakes, and glacial-carved natural giants.

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