Driving Pile in Tight Spaces

Moving Through Open Doors with an ICE EM-30 Mast

Editor: Ashley Steele

Nucor Steel is expanding. The company is adding a tube mill right next to their Gallatin
shop in Ghent, Kentucky. This $164 million dollar expansion, which is expected to be
completed in 2023, will bring over 70 new jobs to the area. Nucor Gallatin plant, which currently produces steel products, is adding the tubing mill due to its proximity to expanding solar markets. The tubing is integral in the construction of durable solar panels. 

Due to the pre-existence of some structures of the Gallatin plant, Goettle Geotechnical Engineering had to get creative when it came time to work on the foundation. Goettle found that by using the ICE® EM-30 Mast and ICE® HP-30 drill they could maneuver through the pre-existing structure with ease. The mast and drill, which attached to a CAT 329 excavator, were able to make their way through low ceiling and door openings. This solution offered a time savings and cost-effective way to drill and grout for the foundation. Instead of having to navigate a crane with a lead-type set up, the excavator was able to move the mast and drill effortlessly through the project. The ICE® EM-30 Mast was developed with heavy duty steel to enable larger drill heads to be used with larger 30" flighting. Goettle Geotechnical Engineering grouted over 400 holes in 16" and 24" sizes and up to 28' in length. 

Goettle Geotechnical Engineering loved the ease of use of the ICE® EM-30 Mast, and plan to utilize it in the future with an even larger drill and excavator. Some jobs just require the ability to fit or maneuver in some tight spots, and the excavator mounted drills with the masts are up to that task. 

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