Port of Cleveland Gains Funding

ICE 50B delivers at the Port of Cleveland
The Port of Cleveland was awarded an $11 million infrastructure development grant from the U.S Department of Transportation to redesign the General cargo terminal and modernize more the 50% of the existing structure. Port of Cleveland generates $3.5 billion in annual economic activity and over 20 thousand jobs making this a wise investment for US infrastructure. In preparation for the rise of bulk cargo demand, Great Lakes Construction will oversee the rehabilitation of docks 24 & 26W, the bulk terminal ore conveyance tunnel extension, and expand the cargo terminal access road & main gate. 

® and another pile driver manufacturer were both sought out for a compelling comparison to see them drive 75ft long Z Steel Sheets in demanding soil conditions. Great Lakes Contractors began the process with an HPSI 500 with an Eccentric Moment of 5000 and a suspended weight of 1800, the machine was driving but production needed to move forward with better mobility of the piling equipment due to unforeseen challenges in the landscape. Due to the outstanding record of accomplishments that ICE® Vibratory Drivers and Extractors have earned over the past 47 years in manufacturing, our ICE ® regional expert and longtime team member John Fleming was called to bring in a different option, one that includes better mobility (lighter) yet best in class driving powerThe Model 50B Driver and Extractor with an Eccentric moment of 5000 and a light weight of only 15000, exceeds the HPSI Driving force by over 5 tons.

Each machine was given one week of onsite demonstration driving in Port of Cleveland, and after the ICE
® Model 50B outperformed the HPSI and was also provided to the customer at a beyond reasonable quote, Great Lakes decided to purchase a fresh off the line, industry leading ICE® Model 50B. We are proud to announce this project is on track with the projected timeline and reports flawless execution in their infrastructure updates. 

Congratulations to Great Lakes Construction! 


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