Power of Connection

Power for over 32,000... Begins with the ICE® 66

onstruction of a new electrical sub-station in Mansfield Township, New Jersey, is maximizing the power by lessening the surge from surrounding systems due to full overloads from economic developmentPSE&G Power is overseeing statewide infrastructure upgrades that provide electricity to over 32,000 homes and small businesses. The growth and positioning of this substation was based on the 4,300+ new businesses in the greater Mansfield area. This multiphase plan, executed by CJ Drilling, has many moving parts but starts with reliable foundations which is being driven by the ICE
® 66C and its 245 tons of driving force.

Township station will house a pair of 230kV/13kV transformers, a single 230kV four breaker ring bus, enclosed switchgear, and a control buildingBy transferring portions of their circuits to the new power transmission lines, being installed by CJ Drilling, the station will also relieve the overloaded nearby Bustleton and Crosswicks stations. ICE
® is proud to be providing equipment to CJ Drilling, one of the largest woman-owned foundation drilling contractors in North America 

® Model 66C Vibratory Driver and Extractor rendered its 245 tons of driving force to successfully drive 10.5'-12Caissons. Once filled with concrete the electrical poles that are connecting power lines will be studded to the base creating the foundation. Turns within the layout of the power lines required an additional vibratory driver for even larger caissons. The ICE ® Model 110C Vibratory Driver with an additional 412 tons of driving force ran in the large caissons reaching 154' deep. This final driving completed the foundation work that will continue to hold up the power for the Mansfield township community. PSE&G is set for the station to be energized in December of 2022. Successes by CJ Drilling in the early construction phase proves that this partnership can power limitless accomplishments.  


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