Powerful ICE® Model 2 helps to protect Private Residences

Editor: Debbie Reaney

Hurricane Irma destroyed numerous residential properties when it made landfall over the state of Florida in 2017.  Over 70% of the state was without power after the storm ravaged electric lines, with coastal areas seeing the worst damage.  In was estimated at $50 million in damages to Florida alone.

More than 5 years after the massive hurricane, residents are still working on repairing the damage.  Many people are forward thinking, making sure to not only repair past damage, but to prepare for any future destruction.  The owner of Ashian Services is one of those individuals.  The backyard of his property in Jacksonville, FL has over 120 ft of disfigured waterfront property.  To guarantee protection from any future swells, he has decided to install a sheet metal seawall.

Ashian Services looked to the authorities at ICE® to recommend and provide the proper equipment to install this residential sheet wall.  Utilizing an ICE® Model 2 Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor, the team was directed on use and appropriate installation techniques by the ICE® salesman, who offered hands on instruction.  

The team at Ashian was so impressed by the ease of installation of the sheet piles, they will be renting equipment in the future to install more sheet walls for others in the same subdivision.  ICE® is a leader in foundation equipment, manufacturing equipment that is a breeze to use for any commercial or residential needs. 

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