Predrilling For Pedestrian Safety

Predrilling For Pedestrian Safety 

Editor: Debbie Reaney 


The once small south Florida town of Miramar, Florida, is growing faster than 91% of similarly sized cities since 2000. It is currently the 209th largest city in the US and has grown 81.1% since 2000. Due to this fast-paced growth, Florida DOT (FDOT) is orchestrating a complete makeover of the roadways to strengthen the area's infrastructure. Twenty separate projects, involving the construction of additional lanes on the Turnpike, new buffered bike lanes, sidewalks, light poles, and more, are taking place between 2022 and 2027. As the city continues to welcome new residents and developments, these traffic safety enhancements will create safer pedestrian access to recreational grounds like local parks and Hard Rock Stadium (home to the Miami Dolphins), a refreshed roadway network, and overall better urban life in Miramar. 

Family-owned, Miami based company, Magnum Construction Management (MCM) is managing a project that will improve mobility along University Drive between the North and South city limits. They are building a new pedestrian overpass bridge near the intersection of Miramar Boulevard, over a canal controlled by the local drainage district. A panel wall is also being constructed using the same pile type as the bridge--18" (in) sq. concrete pile of 40' (ft) length. 

To prepare for the pile driving process, the crew installed a template for propping up the piles using an ICE® 28 Vibratory Driver/Extractor equipped with an ICE® 140C Sheeting Clamp. Next, an ICE® EX-25 Hydraulic Rotary Head was used in conjunction with 24" (in) flighting mounted in 26" (in) swinging leads to predrill the installation holes. ICE®'s lightweight and affordable swinging leads were key in keeping the crane in line with the pile driving sites and driving at a vertical angle while avoiding contact with the canal. The pile for the bridge and panel wall was installed by an ICE® I-12 Diesel Impact Hammer with a 24" (in) drive cap, which protects both the hammer and pile from damage by absorbing driving stress during hammer blows. 

As a locally- and family-owned business, MCM is serving Miramar not only as a contractor but also as a dedicated member of their own community. They were pleased with the product selection at International Construction Equipment, Inc and appreciated the helpful guidance from ICE® sales professionals throughout their customer experience. Excellent job to MCM for their hard work that upholds the City of Miramar's motto--to bring "Beauty and Progress" to the area where residents will now more safely work, play, and prosper.  


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