Railroad Bridges are Delicate Repairs

Comacchio MC8DHT 
Editor: Ashley Steele 

One in every five bridges of the over5,800 in South Dakota are considered "structurally deficient". The Wasta Rail Bridge in Wasta, South Dakota is no stranger to repair as this unique bridge was relocated by frugal railroad companies dating back to the 1920s.

This unique structure was fused with additional truss bridges from the local area, giving it an exceedingly rare design. History alone has mandated repairing and not replacing the structure a necessity. The repair of this historical railroad bridge was awarded to E80 Plus Constructors, LLC. Their job was to salvage this steel truss structure that accommodates a one-track train line for transportation of goods by establishing a structurally sound and new foundation. 

E80 team worked with the railroad team at ICE® who equipped them with a Comacchio MC8D-HT Drill Rig. This versatile hydraulic drill rig enabled the E80 experts to finesse their micro-piles in precise locations while using the same MC8D's major kick to handle all ground improvements. The MC8D was powerful enough to easily drive their 12" micro-pile pipes into the shifting slate soil to over 30 feet.  

This rig has repeatedly proved to be instrumental in placing the foundation piling needed to repair this historical railroad bridge and many others before while enabling the skillful operators to keep infrastructure moving throughout this region and others. 

With so many bridges in South Dakota in need of repairs, the correct equipment for the job will be integral to safe and efficient foundation work. With the vast power of the ICE® fleet, including our fleet of Comacchio Drilling Rigs, ICE® can support supplying the right tools including customized tools for any job. We hope to keep South Dakota history while making their bridges safe!  Ride on! 

Thank you to the E80 team for entrusting your equipment needs to ICE! 

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