Rebuilding Dams after Historic Flooding

Editor:  Ashley Steele 

On May 17, 2020, rain started falling in Arenac County, Michigan and it did not stop. The National Weather Service reported that over 4 inches of rain fell in just 48 hours. This record rainfall caused the collapse of two different dam structures in the area, Edenville Dam and Sanford Dam. Over a year later Arenac County is still trying to rebuild from the "Muddy Flooding" of 2020. 

Michigan DOT will be spending $4.2 million dollars to repair and rebuild the affected areas. Tri-City Groundbreakers stepped in to assist in getting the work completed, so that residents would no longer need to use the detours in their town. Tri-City is a 16-year-old family-run business that works in and around the Midland, Michigan area. They used an ICE® IP3 Hydraulic hammer with sheeting pants to get the job done. By creating a diversion sheeting wall for the stream under the bridge in Twining, MI, the repairs could be completed without affecting the wildlife in the stream below.  

The ICE® IP3 Hydraulic hammer, with the sheeting pants attachment, allowed Tri-City Groundbreakers to quickly place the sheeting wall without the need for a lead set-up. The sheeting pants attachment acted as a guide, so the piles could accurately be placed quickly and efficiently.  

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