A refurbished ICE® 216 from the 1980s breathes with new life in New Jersey

Editor: Debbie Reaney
What is Old Becomes New Again: A refurbished ICE® 216 from the 1980s breathes with new life in New Jersey.

A piece of ICE® equipment that was manufactured in the early 1980's recently was purchased from a customer. When the ICE® 216 Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor made it back to the New Jersey yard, the service team was proud to see how well the equipment runs even from almost 40 years ago. The customer who purchased it back in the 80's kept the equipment in tip top shape by keeping it on the ICE® recommended service plans and maintenance schedule documenting each service. 

This almost 40-year-old piece of equipment was sent out after a quick rehab for C-3 Technologies to use to pull piles from a cofferdam. The work was located directly behind an active local radio station, in Lodi, NJ, requiring a machine with strong pulling force, but a light touch. 

The most amazing claim to fame is not just that the equipment was from the 80's but the salesperson who facilitated the rental to C-3, is the same person who worked on this equipment the day it came off our production line back in the 1980s to prepare it for the initial sale. Seeing the 38-year-old machine effortlessly pull the piles for C-3 Technologies was a delight which instilled such pride in all of us for just knowing ICE® (INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT) equipment is as resilient as it is strong.

The foundation equipment manufactured by ICE® is built to last, and with proper maintenance and care can last if you maintain it. Be sure to reach out to your local ICE® Sales and Services Teams to ensure the extended life of your foundation equipment is optimized. 

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