Reimagining New Orleans Ferry Terminal

50B works to enable changes on Canal Street  

Since the first regular scheduled ferry service from Algiers to Canal Street in 1827, New Orleans has provided dependable passage across the Mississippi River. The Canal Street Ferry Terminal has seen many years of evolution in transportation, including in 1952, the construction of the Greater New Orleans Bridge. Today, the New Orleans Ferry system is one of the highest ridership of any ferry system in the U.S.A. The state transportation boards are continually improving and maintaining the Canal Street Terminal to keep traffic flowing in an orderly and successful fashion. If the riders become disenchanted, the alternative sources of transportation are not scaled to handle the influx as it stands today and this could be catastrophic to the entire NOLA transportation eco-system. 
With decades of experience delivering beyond the industry standard and beyond their clients' expectations, APC Construction Company is responsible for the historic Canal Street Ferry Terminal three phase project. After demolition of the old terminal during phase one, APC Construction Company choose the industry's stacked rockstar, the ICE® 50B Vibratory Driver / Extractor paired with the ICE® tier four (environmentally friendly) 580T Power Unit.  
The new terminal is so enormous that the team is driving caissons for a temporary dock being used during construction of the new terminal. The initial plan was to start the job with the ICE® 50B and send in a vibratory driver twice the size, the ICE® 110 Vibratory Driver / Extractor to finish driving the piles. What the customer learned is the ICE® 50B is an absolute fabulous partner that is powerful enough to drive 16" and 42" caissons to grade efficiently on its own.  
This two-year $43 million project that is set to finish in summer of 2022, will replace the old terminal with a sleek and modern, ADA compliant terminal and bridge. The updated terminal will be greeting guests as it also serves as the conduit to the beautiful riverfront connecting the Spanish Plaza and the Audubon Aquarium. This exceptional ferry system is no longer needed for vehicle transportation, so the design team has refocused the new terminal for passenger experience with a focus on accessibility and outside public transportation services.  
The finished Canal Street Ferry Terminal will be a progressive update to the New Orleans historic districts. Congratulations to APC Construction Company on making this revitalization happen. What an amazing project! 
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