Repairing I-95 Viaduct

Rhodeworks Initiative 

Editor: Ashley Steele 

In a study, Rhode Island ranked last in existing bridge conditions. Around 2016, the governor at the time started the "Rhodeworks" initiative to replace and secure deficient bridges throughout the state before they crumbled. The I-95 Viaduct is one of those bridges which will become safer and sturdier when the redesign and structural reinforcements work is completed. 

The I-95 viaduct in Providence, Rhode Island is being rebuilt to handle close to a quarter million travelers and transports. In 1960, I-95 was built as a critical highway for traffic and supplies to migrate through the heart of Providence, RI and into the Northeast. But at that time, it was built to handle up to 57,000 motorized vehicles daily. This so-called viaduct now manages closer to a quarter million transports in a single day placing too much strain on its initial build. This I-95 viaduct is a 1,295-foot-long section of bridge which crosses not only local roads and highway ramps but also allows travelers to avoid Amtrak's Northeast Corridor lines plus clears any obstacles like the Woonasquatucket River.  

Maine Drilling & Blasting was contracted to perform some of the foundation work for this huge I-95 viaduct project. This team was chosen due to their 55-years of experience in the deep foundation industry. This team requested 2 ICE® rental units, from the ICE® Ohio Branch, to accomplish their portion of this reconstruction on schedule. Working simultaneously and keeping safety as their number one priority, the team from Maine Drilling and Blasting effortlessly did an amazing job finishing the job on schedule safely. 

Two Comacchio drill rigs, owned by ICE® and available for rental were used on this major overhaul of a project, including a MC15P and a MC8D. The Comacchio MC8D was utilized under the viaduct structure to place micro piles due to the extremely low headroom in many areas. Maine Drilling & Blasting also used a specialized CPH3.3 casing manipulator enabling hands free handling of the 15-foot caissons. With an added specialty winch attachment, safety stayed in the forefront as a priority allowing for space saving measures to be executed effectively. By simply removing most of the manual handling of the pile alleviated many pinch points and blind spots for the operator and produced a safer working environment.

ICE® is proud to have their equipment and rental fleet working on projects that ensure the Rhodeworks Initiative of the past can become safer bridges for the future.  A huge shout-out to Maine Drilling and Blasting on magnificent work to build bridge foundations for a better tomorrow! 

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