Replenishing Pilots on the Mighty Mississippi

Replenishing Pilots on the Mighty Mississippi
Water Storage on Pilottown 

Editor: Allison Braswell 


Just south of Venice, LA is Pilottown, a base founded in 1860 where river pilots guide oceangoing vessels between the entrance of the Mississippi River and the port of New Orleans. From massive tankers to cruise ships with thousands of passengers, these pilots climb aboard from their pilot boats and guide an average of 6,000 vessels a year, which includes 560 million tons of cargo. This portion of the river is considered one of the most treacherous and heavily trafficked routes in North America, so their courageous undertaking of setting the ship's course and speed is vital to the safety of crews and passengers. 

Ever since Hurricane Katrina devastated the area, Pilottown has had no permanent residents, but members of the Crescent River Port Pilots' Association will stay in temporary quarters in the community while they work. Its collection of water tanks is essential to providing ample water supply for pilots staying in the waterfront cottages or dormitories at the association headquarters for typically two weeks. To expand Pilottown's water storage, Deep South Construction was hired to install an additional water tank. They deployed an ICE® I-30V2 Diesel Impact Hammer to drive 24" (in) concrete piles that would support the new structure. The 6,615 lb (about the weight of an elephant) ram weight of this single-acting diesel hammer made it a lightweight and compact option for this smaller job in a remote area. 

With plenty of clean water resources to rely on, Pilottown river pilots are able to pass many idle hours without complaint while awaiting the two or three calls a day they get to direct passing ships. Thank you, Deep South Construction, for partnering with International Construction Equipment, Inc to improve the water supply for these daring pilots who work to ensure the safe and efficient flow of maritime commerce.  

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