RFK Bridge Gets a Face Lift

RFK Bridge Gets a Face Lift
Editor: Alan Zimmerman

Building a bridge always starts with a solid foundation. The Robert F. Kennedy bridge, formerly known as the Triborough (aka Triboro) Bridge, is a viaduct structure connecting Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx across the Harlem River. Approaching its 88th anniversary from being opened, it is receiving some new renovations. Work is currently being completed on the top of the bridge that focuses on widening the bike and pedestrian walkways to allow easier access and mobility for bikers as part of the Metropolitan Transit Authorities (MTA) Bike, Pedestrian, and Micro Mobility Strategic Action Plan (Plan). This Plan will also improve bicycle and pedestrian access across New York City including at subway and commuter rail stations, bus stops, and bridges.  

Underpinning & Foundation Skanska (Underpinning) has been a leading deep foundations contractor in New York City since 1897. By using past lessons learned together with their unique combination of experience, innovative equipment, and engineering expertise, they have been able to manage even the most challenging site conditions. In late 2023, Underpinning was given the task of remodeling the bridge. Skanska has seen numerous projects in New York city such as the construction of the United Nations Headquarters, the restoration of the World Trade Center including removing debris and constructing various New York City subway tunnels. For the Triborough Bridge project, the Underpinning/Skanska crew first used an ABI rig with a vibratory hammer to set the piles. Followed by an ICE® IP-5 Hydraulic Hammer to proof the 16ft pipe piles under the bridge at its foundation. Due to the low headroom below the bridge, approximately 50' (ft), this job was a bit challenging, however it has not daunted experts, as they seamlessly continue to get the job done quickly and safely. 

The MTA Plan for the RFK Bridge is estimated to be complete by 2027 and is sure to create safer and more convenient connections to the three boroughs. International Construction Equipment (ICE®) is thrilled to be helping Underpinning refresh this iconic bridge that has been serving New York City's commuters for over 8 decades. Keep up the magnificent work, Underpinning & Foundation Skanska, and as Frank Sinatra says, "If you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere!".


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