Rio de la Plata Flood Control Project

Reconstructing the Rio de la Plata River Basin to prevent flooding

Since 2007 the US Army Corps of Engineers have granted permits to study and perform supplemental environmental assessments (SEA), in efforts to reduce flood damage along Puerto Rico's Rio de la Plata River Basin. The rainy season torrential downpour combined with the steep headwater slopes along the banks, causes the river to overflow into the surrounding coastal towns. Currently, about 11 miles west of San Juan, there is $500 million in project costs remaining of the Rico's Rio de la Plata Flood Damage Reduction Project. Contract 1A, the first phase of this extensive project, was physically completed in October 2015 with the amount of $23,700,000 (funded by American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds). The goals for the next phase of the environmental feat include 4.8 miles of channel improvements, 6.22 miles of levees, the replacement of 2 bridges, and relief for the environmental habitats affected by flooding.

Contractors are focused on de-watering operations for channel widening and foundation scour protection. Overseeing the project is JPI Construction, LLC. This group is unique, as it is not only a Certified Small Business, Minority and Hispanic owned, but they pride themselves in focusing on projects that provide safety for the community. JPI utilized the ICE® 66C Vibratory Driver/Extractor powered by a Model 800H Power Unit. 

One challenge to overcome on this project was navigating underneath bridges with only 24' of vertical clearance while driving 40' sheet piles. JPI deployed the ICE ® Excavator-Mounted Hammer Model 7E-SG to drive the sheet piles in segments under the low clearance bridges. Outside of the bridge the ICE ® Model 66C successfully drove the 40' piles down to the required depths. JPI also deployed the ICE ® Diesel Impact Hammer I-30. After completion of the remaining project timeline the surrounding coastal towns will bring in over $12 million in annual economic benefits. 

Thank you to JPI for providing a 100-year flood protection to this community.  

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