Rosethorne Tidal Project: Protecting the Louisiana Coastline

Editor: Debbie Reaney 

When Hurricane Ida made landfall in the state of Louisiana in 2021, it brought with it torrential rains and unexpected flooding. The areas in Jefferson Parrish saw 11-foot storm surges during the massive storm system that devastated many homes and businesses. The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, along with the help of the Louisiana Transportation Department, plan to install 29 miles of levees, flood-walls, and gated structures at an overall cost of more than $300 million to keep residents and business owners safe in the future. 

The Rosethorne Tidal Project is just one of the many undertakings that is a part of this larger project to safeguard the community. Phase one will focus on the installation of flood-walls at 7.5 feet above sea level. Upon completion, the Rosethorne project will provide additional protection from a 10-year rainfall or tidal event flood for the community of Rosethorne. The $34 million project is the second of 10 high-priority flood risk reduction projects planned for the greater Lafitte area of Jefferson Parish.

Circle Construction, out of Belle Chasse, has been awarded the contract. When it came time to select the equipment to install the sheet piles safely and efficiently, the experts at Circle knew they would need an excavator mounted piece of equipment, due to muddy terrain and because much of the work would be completed in the backyards of the community the flood-wall was created to protect.  

ICE® supplied a 7E Excavator-mounted pile driver and extractor. This piece of equipment is uniquely suited for jobs in the wet conditions of the bayous, especially where placing large swaths of crane mats is undesirable. With 57 tons of driving force, the ICE® 7E effortlessly placed sheet piles with full mobility to enable the continuation of construction in the rough/muddy terrain.

Thanks to the Rosethorne Tidal Project, 10,300 linear feet of flood-walls and floodgates will be placed to protect the vital community in Jean Lafitte, LA from the devastating effects of more storm surges that may head their way. As these large-scale coastal protection projects continue, ICE® will be there with dynamic equipment specialized for each job to protect our communities and businesses!

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