Seagirt Marine Terminal: Port of Baltimore Expansion

Editor: Debbie Reaney 

Expansion for the Port of Baltimore was necessary to accommodate the triple digit cargo increases seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now completed, the Seagirt Marine Terminal will be able to accommodate a 50-foot berth, which will allow them to hold some ultra-large container vessels. This project is a partnership between the Maryland Department of Transportation and the Ports America Chesapeake that will allow for two 14,000-TEU vessels to be docked simultaneously, which will help aid in getting much needed supplies and equipment to US small businesses. With the expansion that's underway, Baltimore is solidifying its position to be the top tier of ports to handle larger vessels and the $122.1 Million will revitalize the Port, as well as create 7,300 new jobs. 

The work of placing pilings for this massive foundation development was entrusted to the experts at Fay. A leader in creative accelerated construction delivery methods, Fay understood the unique challenges that a job like this pose. Fay reached out to the foundation professionals at ICE® to provide distinctive solutions for the Seagirt Marine Terminal. Creating a 50' extension and coupling it with the ICE® 110 Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor, allowed Fay to continually work to drive the 52' king piles in the marine conditions. This also negated the need for divers, as the extension allowed the structure to be cleared, creating valuable cost savings.  

Both PZC25-43 sheeting piles and king piles in the form of W21X182 wide-flange beams were installed to create the massive foundation. The support and communication between Fay and ICE® created the modifications to equipment that allowed such a dynamic job to be completed on time and on budget. When it comes to substantial infrastructure projects, it requires years of experience and "know-how" to proactively design the appropriate equipment for the job.  

The professionals at both Fay and ICE® worked tirelessly to ensure the Seagirt Marine Terminal was a successful build. Thanks to Fay for trusting the ICE® team for supplying specialty equipment that gave the Seagirt Marine Terminal her sea legs! 

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