SPS-Walsh JV Helps Connect Massachusetts

The I-90/ I-95 interchange in Massachusetts is currently being remodeled for a completion date goal of early 2027. This new interchange will provide new bridges, wider exit ramps, and a safer environment for all people that use it. There are eight bridges that are part of this busy intersection and of the eight, five will be replaced, including the one that crosses the Charles River. The Charles River stretches 80 miles throughout Massachusetts and has been a helping factor with construction. Barges can float large cranes down the river to the jobsite which allows crews to have a more direct angle of what task needs to be completed. 

SPS-Walsh JV construction has been working on trestle construction along the Charles River during the interchange remodeling. Recently, crews have been installing sheet pile bulkhead along with pipe piles in preparation to advance a 300-ton crane further down the Charles River. SPS-Walsh JV has selected to utilize the powerful equipment they have come to depend on from International Construction Equipment, Inc. (ICE®) to complete this job. An ICE® 28 Vibratory Hammer and ICE® 44 Vibratory Hammer are being used to insert the 120'(ft) pipe piles and backfilling the bulkhead for the crane to be advanced.  

The interchange connecting the highways is used by nearly half of the freight trucks entering eastern Massachusetts. It serves as a major junction for commuter traffic, with approximately 75,000 vehicles using the interchange every day. The new interchange will reduce traffic, truck turnovers, and improve the mainline flow of commuters for I-90 and I-95. SPS- Walsh JV have done a remarkable job with the sheet pile and pipe pile installation. This will allow the 300-ton crane to swiftly navigate the Charles River and keep their crews safe while they progress on target. International Construction Equipment, Inc. (ICE®) has been thrilled to see the fabulous work on this new interchange and applauds the SPS- Walsh JV crews for their continued success!  

Learn more about the ICE® 28 , ICE® 44 


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