Support Piles Secure Mt. Washington

On the southern banks of the Monongahela and Ohio Rivers sits Mt. Washington, PA.  Just outside of downtown Pittsburgh, PA. Formally known as Coal Hill, with its easy access to the Pittsburgh coal mines, Mount Washington allowed several coal mines to base their operations there. Rock and sandstone were transported up and down the hill on Mt. Washington due to its access to the river, utilizing boats to haul material from the coal mines to other areas. However, this now local tourist attraction and popular viewing point of the city, also has a steep incline where landslides are quite common. To ensure continued safety for area tourists and residents who now utilize the Washington Incline daily, the area is regularly inspected and maintenanced.  

Armstrong Drilling Inc., a deep foundation contractor with over 35 years of experience in the drilling industry, was recently awarded the job of stabilizing the slope of Mt. Washington. To achieve this task safely the experts at Armstrong reached out to their local ICE® Drilling Sales & Service team to rent a Comacchio MC4D to place support piles into the bedrock to prevent further erosion along the hillside. Private homes and businesses sit on this hill, so this project will ensure that these properties will remain secure and not be left vulnerable in a landslide.  

Landslides are known to destroy properties and can be deadly in some instances. The Mt. Washington Landslide Mitigation project will secure the hillsides of Mt. Washington and minimize the probability of a landslide event. In recent times, the Mt. Washington area has been challenged in several areas where hillside instability has spilled debris onto roadways and walking paths. Thanks to the professionals at Armstrong Drilling the residents, tourists and businesses of Mt. Washington can feel safe. International Construction Equipment, Inc. (ICE®) is happy to have provided the deep foundation equipment required to help stabilize the Mt. Washington hillside and congratulates Armstrong Drilling on a job well done. 

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