Coming Down the Pipe

Editor: Ashley Steele Downtown Tacoma, Washington is looking to create a sustainable future for their city and residents. A new stormwater pipeline will help to reduce flooding and improve surface water conveyance capacity for future growth in the downtown area. The 72" diameter pipeline will empty into a newly constructed outfall for the Thea Foss Waterway. James W. Fowler, based out of Oregon, is working with the city to design and ... Read more

Methanol Plant Expansion with ICE® 44

Reduces new construction to have one of the lowest CO2 emissions ever. Editor: Hailey Tatu Methanex is a Canadian methanol manufacturer that operates two plants on site in Geismar, LA and has changed expansion plans saving them hundreds of millions. The world's largest producer and supplier of methanol had planned to build a third plant in Geismar with a budget of $1.4 billion, but after a global pandemic and reevaluat ... Read more

Trading Up

Editor: Ashley Steele  Mumford and Miller had been using an ICE® 612 Vibratory Driver/Extractor for over 30 years.  When the company, based out of Middletown, Delaware, won the bid to replace the Garrison boat ramp they decided it was time to trade up for something newer and stronger.  The job in Dover, Delaware is part of a larger project to refresh and reconstruct the area on the Garrisons Lake.  It will include a new boat ramp, installation of a courte ... Read more

PDCA Project of the Year Winner

2015- Project of the Year Winner- Land Category Greater than $5 Million PileDriver Magazine. Lester Publications, LLC 2015. Clark Foundations utilized three different sized ICE® hammers interchangeably to drive piles on the Nutrient Management Facility in Alexandria, VA.  The ICE® 28C and 44B Vibratory Hammer/Extractor and the ICE® I-30 Diesel Hammer allowed the company to drive through 20 feet of fill which contained tires, concrete debris, and alternating layers of clay.  Read mo ... Read more