Driving Pile in Tight Spaces

Moving Through Open Doors with an ICE EM-30 Mast Editor: Ashley Steele Nucor Steel is expanding. The company is adding a tube mill right next to their Gallatin shop in Ghent, Kentucky. This $164 million dollar expansion, which is expected to be completed in 2023, will bring over 70 new jobs to the area. Nucor Gallatin plant, which currently produces steel products, is adding the tubing mill due to its proximity to expanding solar markets. Th ... Read more

Installing Micro Piles for New Swim School

Installing Micro Piles at a New Swim School in Fox Chapel, PA Editor Alix Bemis Douglass Pile Company is installing 5.5" Micro Piles at a new Goldfish Swim School in Fox Chapel, PA using a Comacchio MC4D Hydraulic Drilling Rig rented from ICE®. The MC4D is a hydraulic drilling rig specifically designed for the execution of ground engineering works in challenging access sites, which was  ... Read more