Largest High-Speed Rail Structure in US Chugs Along - Hanford Viaduct

The Hanford Viaduct, located in Kings County, California, is currently under construction to bring high-speed rail to commuters of Hanford, CA. The Hanford Viaduct is the largest high-speed rail structure in the Central Valley spanning nearly 6,330 feet (about twice the height of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world). When complete, it will carry high-speed trains over the San Joaquin Valley Railroad and State Route 198. This section of the high-speed rail line will be a par ... Read more

ISD Expands Turks & Caicos

A $53 million redevelopment of South Dock located along the southern coast of Providenciales in Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) is currently underway. The South Dock, which is the main gateway for cargo, handles approximately 95% of all foods, fuel, and building materials that enter the TCI. This is part of the government's efforts to update infrastructure, capacity issues, and port safety challenges. These improvements represent a much-needed investment that will boost TCI's infrastructure ... Read more

Lakes & Rivers Strengthens the "Heart" of Burns Harbour

Burns Harbor, located in Northwestern Indiana along the shore of Lake Michigan, is a major artery in the steel industry's heart. Handling over 15% of all U.S. steel trade with Europe as well as other commodities such as limestone, grain, various chemicals, fertilizers, and coal. This port also accommodates international ships via the Great Lakes connection to the Atlantic Ocean and barges via inland river links to 38 states and the Gulf of Mexico. Due to its critical function, this es ... Read more

NY's Clean Energy Hub Assures Bright Future

The future of clean energy in the New York region looks very promising. Consolidated Edison Inc, (Con Edison), one of the world's largest energy delivery systems, is building the Brooklyn Clean Energy Hub. This "Hub" will be a transmission substation that will strengthen New York's power grid. Once completed, it will help them meet the region's growing demand for electricity and serve as a gateway for offshore wind power. Con Edison has served New York for 200 years and has a record o ... Read more

Taiwan Port Expansion Project

The rapid growth of Taiwan has led it to become the 20th largest economic power in the world. With a population of 23 million (about the population of New York), Taiwan has had to expand and upkeep its infrastructure to meet international and local demands. Taiwan's total trade in 2022 reached $907 billion (about $2,800 per person in the US). Both exports and imports for the year reached record levels, totaling $479.52 billion (about $1,500 per person in the US) and $427.60 billion (about ... Read more

Grandmont Elated with ICE® 18ZR

The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River have been major North American trade arteries since long before the U.S. or Canada achieved nationhood. Today, this integrated navigation system serves mariners, farmers, factory workers, and commercial interests from the western prairies to the eastern seaboard. Interestingly, the St. Lawrence River portion of the seaway is not a continuous canal; rather, it consists of several stretches of navigable channels within the river including several locks ... Read more

Support Piles Secure Mt. Washington

On the southern banks of the Monongahela and Ohio Rivers sits Mt. Washington, PA.  Just outside of downtown Pittsburgh, PA. Formally known as Coal Hill, with its easy access to the Pittsburgh coal mines, Mount Washington allowed several coal mines to base their operations there. Rock and sandstone were transported up and down the hill on Mt. Washington due to its access to the river, utilizing boats to haul material from the coal mines to other areas. However, this now local tourist a ... Read more

Jiangsu Sutong Bridge Construction

In June 2003 construction began on what is claimed to be the world's longest span cable-stayed bridge to date. The Sutong Bridge lies between Nantong City and Suzhou of Jiangsu province, and became a part of the national key trunk route planned by the Ministry of Communications from Jiayin in Helongjiang province to Nanping in Fuijang province. Sutong Bridge, which crosses the 6km Changjiang River, has several roles: it has aided the trunk road net in both the province and throughout the ... Read more

U.S. 49 Slope Stabilization in Yazoo City

A project is underway to stabilize three different sites along the busy U.S. 49 corridor in Yazoo City, MS. Two of these sites are less than a mile from each other making this an integral repair to the area as U.S. 49 is one of the most important highways in Mississippi and was the state's first highway to see a significant rural road segment with four-lanes. Today, it is still the only four-lane route that directly connects the state's capital and largest city, Jackson, to the Mi ... Read more

ECI Completes Historic Masonic Temple Stabilization Project

Recently, critical work began to stabilize the soil beneath an historic Masonic Temple in Watertown, WI. This project included stabilizing an existing beam and masonry wall in the basement of the existing temple,  jet grouting soil stabilization below the basement floor down to the bedrock, installation of interior drain tile, weeps, and sump pit, the removal of a portion of the existing hollow sidewalk, and the installation of waterproofing on the south basement wall to prepare for f ... Read more