Something in the Water

Editor: Ashley Steele  ALCOSAN, the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is expanding their water treatment facility in this phase-2 of the overall project.   This expansion will allow for an increase in capacity from 250 million gallons of water a day, to 480 million gallons of water a day. This extra capacity will assist in the overflows caused by excess stormwater and groundwater entering the system.   Richard Goettle,  ... Read more

Port of Cleveland Gains Funding

ICE 50B delivers at the Port of Cleveland Editor: Hailey Tatu The Port of Cleveland was awarded an $11 million infrastructure development grant from the U.S Department of Transportation to redesign the General cargo terminal and modernize more the 50% of the existing structure. Port of Cleveland generates $3.5 billion in annual economic activity and over 20 thousand jobs making this a wise investment for US infrastructure. In preparation for the rise of bulk ca ... Read more

University of Rhode Island’s New Pier

New research vessel docking facility stands on ICE® Editor: Hailey Tatu  Narragansett Bay Campus at the University of Rhode Island is one of the top five oceanographic institutions in the U.S. In September, the Narragansett Bay Campus Pier hosted a sendoff celebration for the temporary rehoming of its Oceanic Research Vessel, the Endeavor, due to construction plans for a new docking pier.  Mohawk Northeast was contracted for this monumental project to replace the pier used by the ... Read more

The Foundations of Historic Hinchcliffe Stadium

Editor: Ashley Steele  Historic Hinchcliffe Stadium in Paterson, NJ is getting an incredibly special and overdue renovation. This is a $94 million redevelopment project that is designed to breathe new life into this notable piece of local sports history. This iconic stadium was once the home to the New York Black Yankees and the New York Cubans in the 1930s and 1940s. Making this stadium an integral piece of our history, which is the foundation of our great country and her diverse people ... Read more

ICE® 50B Drives the Dam Piles

Editor: Ashley Steele Frequent and continual repairs keep Dams operating at peak performance but there are some unexpected replacements that pose a tricky situation. The Keystone Diversion Dam in Ogallala, Nebraska has encountered just that, an unexpected gate replacement. This replacement is necessary to maintain all functionality, keeping in mind, this is a beast of a project when so much water i ... Read more

ICE® I-12 Diesel Impact helping to build the Marsh Road Bridge

Innovation outweighs Tribulation Editor: Ashley Steele The replacement of the southbound lanes of the Marsh Road Bridge is no easy task. In Bealeton, Virginia the Marsh Road Bridge is under a strict deadline and not even the weather wants to cooperate.  Caton Construction Group Inc. was up for this challenge.  This innovative team was awarded a $5 million dollar contract. The only catches were the new ... Read more

Making Waves

Helping new customers choose the right equipment for the job! Editor: Ashley Steele The Sunset Bay Marina in Hull, Massachusetts is a full-service marina with over 200 slips and moorings, winter storage, boat service and repair, and a restaurant all only 10 minutes away from downtown Boston. To keep the vessels docked here throughout the year safe, new wave attenuators were put in to dispel the waves from reaching the marina at full force. Atlantic Coast Tug, a newly formed&nb ... Read more

Bridging the Gap to Safer Communities

Editor: Ashley Steele The town of Randolph, Nebraska is working to remove residential homes from the flood plain.  This is a multi-phase project to help revive interest in the area and bring new homeowners safer living conditions and assist them with instant equity by increasing property values.  The project is community driven by a small increase in sales tax while offering huge benefit to the community. The first phase of the project includes five (5)&nb ... Read more

ICE® 22 Drives a Good Foundation

Editor: Ashley Steele Swedesboro, NJ joined the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Woolwich Township, Gloucester County Utilities Authority, and the Gloucester County Improvement Authority for conveyance of sewage and the construction of a new pump and main station.  Under this agreement, the Borough of Swedesboro is obligated to build, own, and operate the station which will connect to the larger facility on King's Highway. ... Read more

The Foundations of Ellis Island

Editor:  Ashley Steele Beginning on January 1, 1862 Ellis Island in New York City was the central hub for immigrants coming to the United States. In the 62 years of its operation, the island welcomed over 12 million immigrants seeking to make their lives in the New World. Today Ellis Island is home to The National Immigration Museum and welcomes more than 4 million visitors each year. The island is not a natural piece of land in the Upper New York Bay, but ... Read more