ICE® Green Machine Keeps Water Clean

ICE® Green Machine Keeps Water Clean  Editor: Debbie Reaney    Established in 1939, the Bowery Bay Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) in New York, NY treats 225 million gallons (about 851717250 L) per day (MGD) of mainly residential wastewater for Northwestern Queens. The facility is responsible for screening, primary and secondary treatments, activated-sludge treatment, and disinfection of the plant effluent before it is discharged into the Rikers Islan ... Read more

MC 22A Rescues Weak Dam

MC 22A Rescues Weak Dam  Editor: Debbie Reaney    The number of deficient and potentially dangerous dams in America is on the rise. Lower design criteria of older dams, long-deferred maintenance, and increased rainfall brought on by climate change pose a threat to human life if a dam were to breach from too much stress on its structure. Over in Happy Valley, PA, home to the Penn State Nittany Lions, the Rockview Reservoir dam is one of the most high-hazard ... Read more

Replenishing Pilots on the Mighty Mississippi

Replenishing Pilots on the Mighty Mississippi Water Storage on Pilottown  Editor: Allison Braswell    Just south of Venice, LA is Pilottown, a base founded in 1860 where river pilots guide oceangoing vessels between the entrance of the Mississippi River and the port of New Orleans. From massive tankers to cruise ships with thousands of passengers, these pilots climb aboard from their pilot boats and guide an average of 6,000 vessels a year, which includes ... Read more