Meet the All-New ICE® 16VM!

Meet the All-New ICE® 16VM! (Updated 18ZV) Editor: Allison Braswell The outdated pump stations at Marsh Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Geneva, NY are at capacity and cannot accommodate significant new flows unless changes to the WWTP are made. To improve its reliability, the City of Geneva is expanding the WWTP by adding a new pump station. Today's pump stations are designed with more efficient pump/motor/drive combinations, which can be used to match pump speeds to flow rates ... Read more

50ZR Saves the Sewer Line

Delaware Bridge Replacement   Almost one-hundred (100) years from the original construction of the James Street Bridge, in Newport, is getting an overhaul while grappling with the notion of its failing sewer systems.  Newport is 100% focused on putting its best bridge forward by updating frequently used transportation arteries. Mumford & Miller Concrete, Inc was awarded a $15 million contract to replace&n ... Read more