Transportation Power Foundations

Amtrak encourages the creation of transportation innovation
Since 1971, Amtrak has been providing safe and reliable transportation through progressive technologyFrom being the first nationwide transportation company to offer a reservation system designed for deaf customers in 1976to being on the first-ever "America's Best Employers" list issued by Forbes magazine in 2015. Amtrak is a part of American history, and to this day encourages the creation of technology.

NJ Transit has made way on 
new microgrid that will provide 66 miles of clean energy for the iconic Amtrak. 
The project also includes the construction of new substations in Kearny and Hoboken, a two-megawatt gas-powered generator in Jersey City, and electrical lines connecting the power plant to railways. After the devastating effects of hurricane Sandy contractors are tasked not only to provide a new energy source but also ensure that this system can withstand disastrous weather conditions.  

The project is estimated to cost $546 million with $
409 million awarded in federal funds. The NJ Transit agency is also implementing a $3 million incentive to international developers to produce designs that will maximize the use of renewable energy. 

American Pile & Foundation is responsible for 
installing the foundation for power lines that will connect transit lines to the microgrid. These connection towers are built of 13-foot diameter steel caissons which were installed by the ICE® Model 110C Vibratory Driver/ Extractor. Splicing methods were used in conjunction with the vibratory hammer in order to lengthen the foundation support system. The caisson will be drilled and reinforced with rebar and concrete to ensure that they will stand strong and sturdy up against any future storms.

is proud to be the driving force for this progressive project that ignites new environmentally safe technology in the transportation industry. 


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