Ultra-Lum educates the community

Ultra-Lum educates the community  

I-95 Billboard Driven in Minutes  

Editor: Allison Braswell

Ultra-Lum Services has selected to use ICE®'s reliable vibratory driving solutions for the installation of a digital billboard in New Haven, CT. Ultra-Lum, hired by OUTFRONT Media, was contracted to install a billboard foundation made up of a single 48" (inches) caisson, which is 108' (feet) in length. This billboard is one of many being placed along the I-95 corridor. ICE® team is proud to announce our 33rd project with Ultra-Lum and one of several jobs completed for their media client. 

The team used the ICE® 110C Vibratory Hammer to drive the caisson 94' (feet). Due to its magnificent height, a drone was utilized to give bystanders a bird's eye view of the exciting process while showing the billboard will not present as an obstruction. Drilling methods used for billboard installations add days to these types of jobs, but the ICE® 110C installed this caisson smoothly in just over 7 minutes. Typical billboard installation occurs in some of the toughest driving conditions including contaminated soils with obstructions and tight spaces near busy highways. This powerful package makes easy work no matter the soil conditions or obstacles. 

Thank you to Ultra-Lum for their use of ICE® vibratory equipment as the preferred method for quick and safe billboard installation. ICE®'s vibratory hammers are designed to safely get the job done. In this case, we were able to provide a deep foundation method that will ensure resistance against strong weather and wind conditions. 

Learn more about the ICE® 110C.

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