Building a Bronx Bridge

Unionport Constructors Work on the Unionport Bridge Project

Editor Alix Bemis

Unionport Constructors working on Zerega Avenue for the Bronx's Unionport Bridge Project are driving H-Beams, Pipe, and Sheet Pile using an ICE® Model 14 Vibratory Driver & Extractor, ICE® Model 28 Vibratory Driver & Extractor, ICE® Model 44 Vibratory Driver & Extractor, along with an ICE® Pilemer Model IP3 Hydraulic Impact Hammer. In this extremely busy urban area, Unionport Bridge had to remain open to both boat and vehicle traffic during construction. 

On an average weekday, over 60,000 vehicles cross the bridge. DOT's $226 million reconstruction of the Unionport Bridge consists of construction of a temporary bridge, followed by a full demolition and replacement of the movable bridge itself as well as its approach spans and roadways from Zerega Avenue to Brush Avenue. The new bridge will also include separated bike and pedestrian paths from the roadway to improve safety. Construction is expected to be completed by 2021. 

Although the construction crew faced challenges such as an extremely congested construction site and a very small build area, they were able to successfully drive the H-Beams, Pipe, and Sheet Pile using an assortment of ICE® pile driving construction equipment. 

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