University of Rhode Island’s New Pier

New research vessel docking facility stands on ICE®

Narragansett Bay Campus at the University of Rhode Island is one of the top five oceanographic institutions in the U.S. In September, the Narragansett Bay Campus Pier hosted a sendoff celebration for the temporary re-homing of its Oceanic Research Vessel, the Endeavor, due to construction plans for a new docking pier. 

Mohawk Northeast was contracted for this monumental project to replace the pier used by the Graduate School of Oceanography. The new pier has been designed using up-to-date codes, long-term durability and resiliency in mind to achieve a 50-year service life. Mohawk Northeast is using an ICE® Model 416L Vibratory Driver and Extractor with a beam and clamps to drive 100'x30" pipe for the bases of the new docking facility. They are using the ICE® Model D-50 Diesel Impact Hammer in 32" ICE® leads with hydraulic trip for the last few feet to provide baring capacity of the piles.   

This nearly 60-year-old pier is undergoing construction overseen by Mohawk Northeast Inc. The plan includes an access bridge, pier, dolphins, and a seawater pumping facility all to help house a new 200-ft LOA research vessel that is scheduled for delivery in 2022. This vast university features many challenging high-tech tools including a nuclear reactor that powers the campus.  ICE is honored to assist Mohawk Northeast in their endeavors to rebuild the pier inside this innovative research & educational facility.  Congratulations to Mohawk for being entrusted with such a foundation project. 

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