Wisconsin Bridge is Falling Down

ICE prevents delays with custom modifications that adapt to bridge build needs 
Editor: Hailey Tatu

In Menasha Wisconsin, the original Racine Street Bridge, constructed in 1952, is at the end of its 70-year service life. The Racine Street Bridge is one of only two river crossings connecting Doty Island with the city of Menasha central business district and accommodates 10,000 vehicles per day. This bridge is a vital connection for pedestrian and bicycle traffic to the downtown area. After the reconstruction is complete, the Racine Street Bridge will feature a new two-lane draw bridge, increased lane widths, two new roundabouts at adjacent intersections, and higher vertical clearance for marine traffic. 
Wisconsin native
business, Lunda Construction Company, has overseen transportation build projects since 1938 and has acquired years of wisdom leading up to acquiring the Racine Street Bridge reconstruction. In the early phases of work, there were multiple issues running an
Atlas Copco rotary head powered by a third-party power unit. The power unit was extremely underpowered for the job at hand and caused even further restrictions in the drill.  
fter these equipment malfunctions, Lunda called on the ICE
® mid-west service team to bring in pieces from their vast and diverse rental fleet of foundation equipment. Lunda made a choice to purchase an ICE® Hydraulic Drill: Model HS-50 paired with a small 230H Power Unit.    
® HS-50 unit was equipped to run a DTH (down-the-hole hammer), which uses the compressed air as a power source to transfer impact power into drilling holes.  This drill was also equipped with recommended ballast weight to keep the drill engaged into the rock and to prevent any shocking to the drill head
Construction is in
Stage 2 until June 2022
® continues to deliver industry leading customer service that guarantees high rated customer success  The ICE Team is grateful to have been given the opportunity to provide an outstanding solution to these industry pioneers at Lunda.  Congratulations to Lunda!  

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