PDCA Contractors Foundation Institute: The Driven Pile Academy

When: 4/4/2022
Where: 1026 Toby Mouton Rd. Duson, LA 70529

As the driven pile industry continues to transition, the equipment industry is in the forefront of education through experience and innovations.  PDCA's Associate Member Council has created a new, hands-on educational academy for the driven pile industry.  Contractors Foundation Institute (CFI) The Driven Pile Academy covers Set-up, Stand-up and Safety of a driven pile project, using impact hammers, vibratory hammers (conventional and excavator-mounted), fixed lead setups, piling rigs and more.

The pilot program is being held April 4-7, 2022 and will be located at Patriot Construction and Industrial in Duson, LA. Upon successful completion of the PDCA CFI's Driven Pile Academy, continuing education/professional development credits will be distributed.

The CFI Driven Pile Academy is unique as it provides onsite training with an ideal instructor-to-student ratio, enabling an individualized and enjoyable learning experience. This 3.5-day Academy includes both in-classroom and outdoor interactive experience with real world application taught by the industry's leading equipment professionals.  Attendees will gain valuable insight as they participate on working rigs driving steel sheet pile, concrete and timber.

Space is limited for this impactful and dynamic event. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Sign up today!
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