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Flanagans Dry Dock Repair

Flanagans Dry Dock Repair Flanagans Contracting is repairing a dry dock facility in Bayonne NJ. A new sheet wall system was installed. The Bayonne Dry Dock is one of the largest on the east coast. Flanagans is driving 60' sheets for the sheet wall. They also were driving some heavy 40' H?beams as part of the false work. An ICE 44B vibro was used to install the sheeting and H?beams. Deadlines were crucial as usual, as there are not many dry docks of this size available. When the end of the sheet wall meets the opening of the dry dock, there was no time for anything to go down. There was a small window due to the tides of when this section of the job could be done. The driving went well and was uneventful. The ICE 44B sent the sheets to grade very fast with no problems. All the pile driven was finished on schedule.