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Glen Cove Ferry Terminal | Glen Cove, NY

When Jeff Grube, General Manager of Chesterfield Associates was working on his bid for the "Glen Cove Ferry Terminal Water Borne & Site Improvements", he knew he would have some challenges but not something that was out of their scope of work. The project was to be done in 3 phases & Chesterfield Associates won the bid for the 1st phase. The project is in Glen Cove NY, which is the north western shore of Long Island (about 45 minutes drive from Manhattan, in no traffic, 2 plus hours at rush hour). They needed to build a floating dock system for the ferry boats. The boats will run to LaGuardia Airport, Manhattan & Citi Field (The NY Mets Stadium). One of the reasons for the new ferry is to alleviate traffic & to have some easier access to the Glen Cove area. The area around the ferry terminal is scheduled for future projects & improvements. The 1st phase of the project started July of 2010 & is scheduled for a May 2012 finish. Chesterfield Associates selected ICE to supply them with some extra equipment for this job. They had planned on using their ICE equipment, but do to some other jobs they had & busy scheduling of all their equipment; they called on ICE to provide some rental equipment. Chesterfield liked the ICE Sales & Service staff & knew that they were the most experienced in the business. They also liked that we sent out an ICE Service Tech to help set up the equipment. One of the plans was to drive some 40' sheets for a cofferdam that was for an 18" out fall pipe that was run out to the bay. There were also 55' sheets for a bulkhead. They used the new ICE 22 RF Vibro & an ICE 28C Vibro, which drove the sheets to grade perfectly. They had some tidal issues when closing the final sheets. The performance of the ICE 22 RF & ICE 28C kept things on schedule, especially when dealing with the tides. They also had some 20" x 88" long closed end pipe piles to drive & some 100" h-Beams. They used their ICE 416 Vibro to drive the H-Beams. The closed end pipe piles proved to be a little trickier. The plan was to pre-drill with an ICE HS-27 Rotary Head then set the pile in the hole & drive with the ICE I-19 Diesel Hammer. That worked well for the 1st pile. Then it was decided that the predrilling created too much disturbance in the soil & possible environmental issues. Jeff Grube then decided to try to vibrate the 20 closed bottom pipe piles with his ICE Vibro. With the pile being closed on the bottom, even though the closed bottom was a cone it was still a lot of soil to displace. This ended up being very successful. The 20" piles were in 2 pieces, 44' each. They were able to drive the closed end pipes down to 58 with their ICE 416. Advancing them even after the 2nd piece was spliced. They were then driven to grade with the ICE I-19 Diesel Hammer & ICE leads. The job had some environmental issues & tidal issues, as well as varying density of soils & tight quarters. The soil at one end of the job was a lot harder than the other end. Having the ICE Vibro get the piles down to a more manageable grade made the job go quicker. Being that they were down to the lower grade, fewer leads were used & there was less to have to manage on the jobsite. The flexibility of ICEs rental fleet & Staff helped the job move nicely said Jeff Grube of Chesterfield Associates. There were multiple crews & multiple pieces of ICE equipment running during the job & helped keep things on schedule.